Can’t help but feel Gosh my head is huge! 

I uploaded this on my instagram for 3 minutes before deleting it. I wanted to be vain but then the embarrassment kicked in hahaha. But I have to credit my sister for her patience (and passion) on doing my brows because after all these years, she’s the only one who could handle them.

She uses ONE brush for everything. Not kidding. The same brush she used to apply the foundation, was also the same brush she used for contouring, the blusher, the eyes -___-‘, the highlights. Wow I’m talking make up jargon I feel so girly. I actually like it when people play with my face, and hair woohoo. I feel so sleepy instantly.

This post has no point but you know, I’m not going to upload post with purpose only from now on bahaha. I miss the rambling me more than ever especially after reading through my old blog. I dumped every feeling there and when I read them again, I felt so happy. I had so many amazing moments in my life and they are not always happy stuff you see. I am glad I jotted them down somewhere because they serve as a reminder that life can be all sorts of things and even though I felt like I couldn’t make it back then, I did it. Of course they don’t sound academical at all but ahh, I sounded academical way too much the past four years in real life bahaha I think I can be whatever I want online.


and then my sister told me she spent one hour doing my face so I immediately uploaded the photo again hahaha.


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