Mix. What number is my #?

I think my blog’s been sounding too sad these days. Of course, I still cry whenever I miss my dad, but my life isn’t that sad. A lot of things happened. Time doesn’t pause for anyone so I guess I just have to keep moving–broken or not.

So here’s a random update. Macam dah lama tak menulis tanpa hala tuju spesifik. Menulis simply because I want to tulis hahaha.

I tried MRT for the first time after returning from Png. Ride was smooth, wasn’t crowded, yet. I guess soon it’ll be. There was no space for parking the second time I tried to commute with MRT, so I drove straight to my usual train station which was 15 minutes away in smooth traffic. The MRT one is like, 3 minutes away. Hahaha

My sisters and I went to MyTown specifically for Kyochon, a Korean restaurant that is on another level for its super duper sedap nak mampuih fried chicken! I am a picky eater I tell you, I don’t change my orders. In Korean restaurant, I would always go for Dol Sot Bibimbap, or Kimchi fried rice. I like soy bean paste soup and miso soup ohh miso is nice! The rest like japchae, cold buckwheat noodles, jajangmyun  I don’t even know the correct spelling–I did try, but of course my palate said no. In Ichiban Ramen, the only thing I ever tried and will always order from years ago until now is Japanese fried rice, or Japanese fried rice set HAHAHAHA. Sushi is a big no. I don’t even like chicken chop, lamb chop all this chop chop. I’d go with spaghetti. Or at Murni where they serve a variety of fancy western foods, I would always order chicken tandoori nan cheese.

Oh wow.. I am really not adventurous at all. And how on earth I went from Kyochon’s fried chicken to nan cheese? I amused myself sometimes. Dah la, tengok gambar jelah. 

I so cool I noe. More like aunty2 je hahaha.

Kyochon has crossword puzzle to keep you occupied. I didn’t even try the first time I had Kyochon in Gurney, but because my 4th sister was there and suddenly we became kiasu. We got the answers except for 2 questions. She googled one back home, and we’re left with one. Must come back to keep our kiasu-ness satisfied.


They should make it illegal to serve chicken this good… The Kimchi fried rice was good but not the best, but the chicken in the middle is loveeeee. The other chicken dish was spicy chicken I forgot the name and that one was really spicy like wadehek podeh gila. 

The youngest in the family who persuaded me to join them for Kyochon. I was asleep and I treasure my sleep, guys. I get really cranky when my sleep is disturbed. I said no at first because sleep is gold but Kyochon’s fried chicken is love so that evening, love won.

My sister bought these from Typo and my heart jumped. I didn’t ask for pens I would usually take chances when she offers books, but she bought this simply because I love pens. Oh I do.

She just got her pay so she forced us to splurge also, her money. I don’t even understand this but she made sure adek and me left Kaison with something. So I bought that rainy paperbag hahaha and adek got the notebook. I also got pens from Muji ohh their pens are soooo nice because the head is like 0.38,  I mean saiz mata pen la senang aku nak tulis dekat planner. Planner pun satu kecik sangat kotak2 nya isy. And a clear file. Of course we need to get our files from Muji #flipfile

The funniest purchase from that day was definitely those two glittery paper bags. I asked my sister why did she want it? If it has a purpose or not? Her answer cracked me up…

‘They’re too pretty and they look like Aurora’s dress so hurry up take the blue and pink ones for me’. Aurora is Sleeping Beauty’s birth name by the way…

This was when I was still in Png, reconciling love with my ex and Queensbay hahaha. Dave’s deli lasagne is also loveee. I don’t say I love you to any guy before except my late dad, but I’ve been saying it to so many foods already.

Ending this random post with a picture of me at my favourite alley, if you can even call it that way hahaha. Aku selalu rasa tempat ni cantik, tapi Siang Yu takda bakat tangkap gambar kahkahkah. Aku pernah kena gigit dengan serangga apa ntah, allergic reaction naik gegata satu badan lepastu muka bengkak hahaha bongok. 

I should start with my corrections, but ah…

tomorrow lah.