Oct 16th-27th, I will be on my second field trip to Penang Hill, where I would collect soil/water samples around the hilltop for microbial diversity studies. We’re basically doing a Biodiversity Study up there, covering all sorts of layers from microbes, plants to animals. Field trip excites me. I did this once last year, it was tiring, berlemuih but fun. And my face of course hanguih lagi. I guess because I come from molecular background, and my working space had always been IN the lab instead of OUT, I find this kind of event thrilling.
Comparing my project to my friends’, I have it so, so, so much easier I tell you. I collect soil. I only need to walk/hike/climb and dig and store and label them coordinates. Wet lab work I might or might not be involved. I went with my friends last year, they were doing a study on mosquitoes. And THEY HAD TO USE THEMSELVES AS BAITS omg it was sooo itchy by just looking! They were so cool and steady and there I was, frowning… why on earth… why on earth would you guys do this??? Their skins were red… I left after 30 minutes, they were there for hours. They had to go out and set their traps, and went to collect them again at wee hours. We had our hot choc by the Sky Terrace, it was almost midnight when we went back to our hotel when we saw the Bat group leaving with their traps. Oh, such glamour. I went to deliver some field stuff yesterday, and there were at least 40 cages for rats….. Rats…. I would run away at the sight of its tail, and one of the groups is going to conduct a study on rat’s population up there. I was very bad with mosquitoes, caused so much hassles hahaha. I am thankful for my friends who didn’t shuh me away. They even accompanied me to collect my samples too. If they were doing on rats back then, I would have just bid them goodbye and go straight to the room. 
Field trip is fun, but of course it’s work, and it’s not free and easy. You have to collect and process your samples, make a report and the wet lab work will proceed soon. But there are lots of pros so I am going to enjoy myself. I get free train passes and free access to places others have to spend money on, I get to explore. There will be collaborators from foreign countries, I will get to learn new things as well. I used to get scared a lot from having to do things out of my comfort zone, but aah, exciting things always happen outside of your zone anyway. I won’t be having a group, I’ll be on my own. But Kiah is always fine on her own, InsyaAllah. (Might or might not menyelit group orang lain for fun. They’re going to catch all sorts of animals and identify plants! Saya penakut tapi saya mahu join). And the best thing of all in this trip is when I see this one short sentence in the tentative;
Here are some of the photos I took from last year’s trip, some from the hilltop areas and most were from The Habitat. The place was still under constructions last year. It breaks my heart then because it was so loud and I was sad for the animals..) It’s amazingly beautiful now, they even have a viewing deck! (Haven’t gone in, saw photos only). So lucky I don’t have to pay the entrance fees ngehehe. This year’s trip will cover a much bigger sampling area though. Can’t wait! Spent so much money on buying clothes, socks, sunblock, rubber shoes are cheap so it’s okay, because heck I didn’t bring suitable clothes for outdoor, this was adhoc decision anyway. But I received allowances so still fine phew. Will share new pics when I get there next week, InsyaAllah. Looking forward for this year’s trip yayyy. #cannotsleepin #thestruggleisreal

The most important question now is..

dekat mana I campak beg galas tuuuuu. Beg I sekarang tidak field trip friendly!



was awful.

But I’ve made it out alive, a lil bit heart broken, but ah, what’s done is done. So you guys learn from me, okay? NEVER PURSUE MASTER.   Ops sorry wrong advise. Never do things the last minute and be a millionaire before you pursue always have plans and stick to them! Always know when to stop and move on and have courage to speak up before it’s too late. Make sure you have sufficient time to produce a good thesis. Make sure you stop doing all your lab work and focus solely on writing because it sucks doing both. Make sure you check every word, every line, every paragraph, every page, basically everything.

I can’t change my past, I don’t even have the luxury to change anything one second ago but you guys can learn from me. Master is tough, the beginning was hard but the end was harder so yeah, I’m building muscles. Nonetheless, it was a journey to remember, just the journey not the viva I want to forget my viva I need to take pills. I’ve had the chance to learn and re-learn a lot of things, made friends with the coolest ones, shared fragments of silly and happy memories, hit some milestones, lost hairs, grey hairs, going quarterly bald, migraine attacks gazillion times, collected enough fats to survive Antarctica ohh the list goes on!

God, my journey doesn’t sound very appealing hahaha. No lah, by all means pursue if you want. Like all things in life, it has both the beautiful and the uglier sides hahaha. I’ve passed my viva with major corrections and it’s no shame telling it loud, I’ve shared so many random things about my journey and I feel like I owe it to you guys especially my #gengmakan and those who are kind enough not to unfriend me whenever I wrote a lengthy post ranting on my studies. Taking this opportunity to formally, ahem, thank everyone who’s been with me all this while I don’t think they have a choice I forced them to stay. I know some have silently followed me and prayed for me, whilst others generously lent their ears and money, so thank you. Thank you. The most important ones I already wrote in my thesis so no need mentioning also they should know who they are lah. 

I guess it’s FINALLY time to grow up, earn money, and pay my puluh2 ribu loans hahaha *nervous laugh*. It was all good in the end. Made it woohoo!



I’m still alive but I’m barely breathingg #dramatic

[The night after viva, I received a call from Abah’s number. I felt my heart stopped. My mom was calling me using Abah’s phone because Abah had so much credit balance. How I wish. How I wish I could.

Boh, Kiah LULUS! ]

Here we go

On my way to Penang. My long awaited viva voce is up this Friday. God knows how much I anticipated this day to come. I am equally nervous and excited. I went to visit my father’s grave. He can’t respond anymore I know, and I can’t ask him for pocket money and prayers; but I needed to talk to him..

Pray for me, okay? I’ll see you guys soon. Whatever happens, life goes on. I am expecting some scoldings because I know my thesis was rushly written and the formatting was off. Gotta walk in extra prepared so I won’t lose it aha.

Five hours journey begins now!