​#4 Late night talk

I performed Maghrib in my uni’s mosque last Thursday, and it brought a smile to my face how much it has changed. There’s a separate section for changing room, and there are portable airconds up there now and they are working fine. It’s been the longest time I set foot there, and I still like it–the feeling of performing my prayer in a mosque, specifically because mosque is more spacious than the isolated illegal praying area we have in our lab. ​

I haven’t written on my dad’s passing. I want to, but maybe sometime later. I don’t think I could ever talk about him without tearing. Because honestly, there are times when I think he’s still back home, before it hit me no, he’s not. No more random phone calls to simply tell each other our favourite movie is playing. No more excitedly wanting to call my dad to tell some really silly stuff that happens. No more that sincere laughter and genuine care and uplifting talks. No more, abah. No more my love, no more in this dunya. InsyaAllah if God’s willing, we’ll see each other again in the hereafter, Boh. It breaks me, all the time. I’m thinking of setting up a special link to share my random stories with my late dad. Oh we’ll see.

anddd it’s 0311 right now. I will update this post later must edit my references! Meeting set at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning ohh the un-morning person in me is sulking right now aha.